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Breast Augmentation

Meadows Plastic Surgery

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Voluptuous breasts can make you feel sexier and even powerful with increased self-esteem. Beautiful breasts exude femininity and confidence and will improve your appearance in swimwear and clothing. The skilled surgeons provide breast augmentation and other breast surgeries at Meadows Plastic Surgery, with locations serving Brookfield, Wisconsin, and the Beach Park, Schaumberg, and Irving Park neighborhoods of Chicago, Illinois. Book your consultation for breast surgery of any kind by phone or online at Meadows Plastic Surgery today.

Breast Augmentation Q & A

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery is a procedure performed under general anesthesia that improves your appearance by:

  • Increasing breast size and fullness
  • Correcting breast asymmetry and position
  • Enhancing the shape of your breasts
  • Improving the balance of your breast and hip contours

You can also combine breast augmentation surgery with a breast lift if you have particularly saggy or wrinkled breasts. A breast lift with implants can also return your breasts to your pre-pregnancy breasts. 

What type of breast implants do you use?

At Meadows Plastic Surgery, the board-certified plastic surgeons specialize in breast augmentation using saline implants or silicone implants. They also augment your breasts using fat transfer.

The surgeon helps you choose between implants or fat transfer to enhance the size or shape of your breasts. 

Saline implants

Saline implants are the most popular implant option in the United States. The implants are silicone shells filled with sterile saline, a solution similar to the fluid that makes up most of the human body, which your surgeon places into your breast tissue empty and then fills with a saltwater solution to your size specifications. Saline implants produce a full, firmer feel, and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures depending on what the patient is looking for. If a rupture occurs, the saline will be absorbed harmlessly by the body.

Silicone implants

Silicone implants are silicone shells filled with a plastic silicone gel that feel more like natural breast tissue than saline implants. There is a lower chance of rippling, but if a rupture occurs, the removal of the silicone gel by the surgeon is typically required.

How do you use a fat transfer during breast augmentation?

In some cases, fat transfer may be an option for breast augmentation. Your surgeon helps you select an area on your body that you’d like to reduce and then uses liposuction to remove fat cells. They process your fat cells and then inject them carefully into your breasts to improve their size or shape.

What incision options are available?

At Meadows Plastic Surgery, the team of expert plastic surgeons relies on three incision types for breast augmentation procedures. The incision is chosen based on the type and size of implant selected.


A periareolar incision is made around the areola in order to minimize breast-scarring. It is the recommended incision option for women looking to reduce the size of their areolas. 


Performed under the breast along the breast fold, the inframammary incision is the most common technique. The scar is hidden under the crease at the breast fold, and cannot be seen in a bra or bikini. There are no restrictions on the implant type.


For the transaxillary incision, the location is in the crease of the armpit. There is no visible scarring due to the hidden incision.

In addition to the different incision options available, there are also two options for implant placement:


Sub-glandular implants are placed under the breast tissue on top of the muscle and boast a shorter recovery with a slightly lifted look. 


The sub-muscular implants are placed between the breast tissue and pectoral muscle to provide better concealment of upper pole rippling than the sub-glandular augmentation.

Your expert plastic surgeon can discuss the different options available, and help you decide which techniques and implants are the best fit for your needs.

What other kinds of breast surgery are available?

The surgeons offer several types of breast surgery to change the way your chest looks or feels. Beyond breast augmentation, other types of breast surgery available at Meadows Plastic Surgery are:

Breast lift

Breast lift surgery corrects loose skin that causes breasts to sag. Your surgeon removes excess skin to lift your breasts to a higher position on your chest.

Breast revision

If you’re unhappy with your breast augmentation for any reason, your surgeon at Meadows Plastic Surgery can perform a revision to adjust or replace your implants. This may be necessary after age-related changes to the structure of your breasts around the implants. 

Book your consultation for breast augmentation or other breast surgeries by phone at Meadows Plastic Surgery today.